Health & Safety

Extreme Health and hygiene measures have be taken to keep our residents safe from infectious diseases including but not limited to Covid-19. We require all new residents to quarantine for a 14 day period, when admitted into the facility. Covid-19 vaccine is required and verified before a resident can move-in. All visitors and staff are required to wear both masks and gloves. Staff is required to routinely change
gloves and face masks. Temperatures checks and health screenings are performed before entering the facility. Private rooms, restrooms and common areas are disinfected daily to prevent the spread of
communicable diseases. Unless you are a part of the direct care staff, we ask that you maintain a 6ft distance while visiting our facility. Any additional measure needed will be taken in order to protect the health of residents and staff. At waymaker we make every effort to keep our residents safe. We provide 24 hour securitymonitoring of the premises. Resident’s medication and valuables will be kept in a locked safe. There islimited access to the safe by staff and a log is kept to track what goes in and what comes out